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The flowery road is good, but how about the Hwangridan road?

The flower road is good, but how about the Hwangridan road? Where`s the Great Dagger? It`s in Gyeongju!
Are you familiar with the city of Gyeongju? I`d like to let you know that there are many things you can enjoy in these small cities, such as Busan and Seoul, as you know.
Where is the Hwangridan road?

You can think of it as a street where the modern and the past coexist. It is also called the "Hot Place Youth Street" in Gyeongju. I might be wondering how I can feel the daily lives of Koreans. Let me tell you.
Your SNS has become more powerful lately. If you see popular posts on SNS, there is a mood and emotional street photos are popular.

It`s become popular and we`re looking for relevant travel destinations with an interest in emotional atmosphere, streets, cafes and more. Why don`t you join us in our daily lives?
So what are you going to do on the royal road? I will introduce you to the famous bread in Gyeongju first.

If you come to Gyeongju, you`d better try that exotic bread, right?

But not only that, but you`ll also have a chance to make your own bread. Don`t you think you can leave a more meaningful memory?

And if you walk along the Hwangridan Road, there is a photo studio. Have you ever seen a meaningful picture with a guide while touring?

I don`t think it`s going to work. So I want to take pictures together in the photo studio so we can take pictures together and keep them! And wait here!

It`s the fact that you can wear your old school uniform and take pictures if you want!

Also, go all around the Hwangri Dan Roadl where you can run these programs, and visit the souvenir you want to buy, a cute store, and an atmosphere cafe and enjoy the Hwangridan Road to your heart`s content!
Why don`t you walk to a special, exotic place, a royal road that smells like Gyeongju?


every nook and cranny of the Hwangridan road.

1. Making bread from the famous Shilla house - KRW 10,000 (one hour)
2. Take a picture with a guide 30,000 won (up to one hour expected) + 5,000 won when wearing a school uniform
3. Take a look around the Hwangri Dan road for this experience (Example)

- In the middle of Gyeongju (one hour, 12,000 won, 2 hours, 20,000 won, etc.))

- Samdeok Market (Beautiful Goods and the Past Bookstore ambience of Korea)
- Bookstore Pinocchio, come on .Bookstore

(where you give books healing to those who are tired of life)
- Three-Rung Plateau (Mounted Gyeongju)
- Café lighting... - (Various Cafés and Restaurants)


< A itinerary >
1:00 to 1:10 Meeting at Idia Coffee shop in front of Gyeongju Bus Terminal
Go to Hwangridan road from


1:10-1:15 Gyeongju Bus Terminal

1:30-2:30 Making bread from my Silla family in Hwangridan road - KRW 10,000

2:40-3:10 Taking a picture with a guide at the photo studio KRW 30,000 + KRW 5,000 more when wearing a school uniform

3:20~4:20 Turning around the Hwangridan road(Individuals differ)


MAKER comment is

We will walk on a course called Hwangri Dan-gil.
We have a bread making experience.
Take a picture with the guide.
I use a cute store.

It ends at Gyeongju Intercity Bus Terminal where we met for the first time.

We want to make a trip that communicates with tourists. I'd like to make a meaningful memory with a guide and a photo-taking experience that I've never seen anywhere.

Introduction of guide

Not a professional guide, but a guide that will give you unforgettable memories with AHN JU!!
As your best friend, not as a guide.!!

Hello, I have never worked as a travel guide professionally, but I am Ahn Joo, a future travel guide who will take charge of your tourism by utilizing my future major. If you travel in Korea, you are only interested in big cities such as Busan and Seoul. I would like to let you know that there are many things you can enjoy in a small city, not in a big city. You wondered what kind of culture Koreans would live in? We Koreans are living a cultural life in line with the SNS emotional trend. I thought it would be nice to experience our daily lives together, so I organized this tour theme.
That tripmaker annju means
Amazing – I want give amazing moments
Have – I want you have experiencing everyday life in Korea
Notify - and notify korean cultureJoin - and join us
Understand - korean culture and to understand culture

If you are interested in visiting Gyeongju with me, please find me.We are always ready to raise the quality of your tour with an open mind.If you want to enjoy a different kind of tour than the existing one, please visit me.Then I`ll visit you on my trip.

Providing items


Other Preparation

Additional fee,a rain umbrella

Meeting place

In front of Idia coffee shop at Gyeongju Bus Terminal Flag: Ahnju


Please understand me because I am not good at English. Please dress warmly.


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