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Witness Gyeongju’s thousand years’ deep history all in one day : Bicycle trip in Gyeongju



 ※ Are you ready to master a thousand years of history in one day? 



[Do you know Gyeongju?]

Gyeongju is a city with a thousand years of history, and there are numerous artifacts and structures well-preserved. Also, many places in Gyeongju are so valuable that they are registered and protected as UNESCO World Heritage sites! (Of course, we will be visiting those places!) Gyeongju is a must-visit city if you come to Korea!





[Trip Schedule]

enlightened 10:00 am

Meeting at Gyeongju Bus Terminal



 enlightened 10:10 am

"Samcheonri Bicycle Shop" costs 8,000 won to rent a bicycle.



enlightened 10:20 am

Daerungwon / Chunmachong

Walking along the path of Daerungwon, and take a photo at a certified place and time. Simply enter a simple photo-time gun and watch an exhibition of items on the Maripgan during the Silla Dynasty.



enlightened 11:30 to 12:00 pm

Visiting the cultural heritage site called Cheomseongdae and walking nearby the place. This place is really famous for a picnic both in spring and autumn. (30 minutes)



enlightened 12:00 to 1:00 pm

Enjoy the famous gimbap in Kyochon Village! The restaurant noodles and gyo-dong gimbap are priced at 12,000 won (depending on the situation).



enlightened 1:00 to 2:00 pm

Look around the Kyochon Village (well-preserved village)



enlightened 2:00 to 3:00 pm

※ This is Choice Tour, so additional expenses incur when experiencing folk games ex) Chalbori Gochujang (If you don`t want to choose this tour, this course will be skipped and then we will move on to Gyeongju expo)



enlightened 3:00 to 3:40 pm

Move to Gyeongju Expo(by bus)




enlightened 3:40 to 5:20 pm

Experience the millennium Gyeongju`s history through many programs!


 Featured Programs 

# Exhibitions: Silla Millennium - Future Millennium Pavilion,

Timeless Media Art, Samchulli Epic Scenery Gallery

# Video: Realistic VR Studio

# Experience: Lumina Night Walk, Jurassic Road

# Performances: 3D FLYing, Performance Festival


enlightened 5:20 to 6:00 pm

Go back to Gyeongju Bus Terminal 

Introduction of guide

Hello, I have never worked as a travel guide professionally, but I am Ahn Joo, a future travel guide who will take charge of your tourism by utilizing my future major.When you go to Korea, you find k-pop, shopping, etc. In addition, only big cities known to foreign tourists, such as Seoul and Busan, are interested. I want to let foreigners know that there are many elements of experience such as beautiful natural scenery and cultural heritage not only in big cities but also in small towns.
It`s not just about history, but I want to increase my ability to relate to and empathize with the elements of experience. I planned this trip because I thought it would be better to learn more about Korea`s old knowledge and build interest through an unfamiliar cultural experience that I had never heard before.That trip maker ahnju means
A-I want give amazing moments
H-to have history about Korea
N-and notify Korean culture
J-and join us
U-Korean culture and to understand culture
If you are interested in visiting Gyeongju with me, please find me. We are always ready to raise the quality of your tour with an open mind. If you want to enjoy a different kind of tour than the existing one, please visit me. Then I will visit you on my trip.

Providing items

brochure, Expo entrance fee, bicycle rental fee, delicious lunch

Other Preparation

If it`s going to rain, make sure to bring an umbrella with you!

Meeting place

In front of Gyeongju Bus Terminal I'm going to hold the flag "AHNJU"


I am not fluent in English, but I will try to make it a memory that you will never forget.


A total of 3 reviews. REIVEW
Ahn Ju was a great guide. She speaks good English. She is very friendly and accommodating. She always ask us if we are ok and gives us options on what we would like to do next and how to go about. Explains the place as soon as we get there. Overall, a nice person to have around while on tour which makes the experience more enjoyable.
It was great that I could travel by bicycle with tripmaker Anju on this trip. rnShe was very energetic and knew perfectly about the Gyeongju. The best guide!
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