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Taste of Korea! Delicious Soy sauce Bulgogi and Bibimbap Cooking Class!

 If you travel to another country, souvenirs will be good, but it is more wonderful to cook a dish of that the country. 

Feel the local culture while making and eating local food with local people at Korean homes! 

I will let you know the Korean famous food, Bulgogi, and even my own secret recipe! 

Travelers can work with me from beginning to end, from cleaning materials to cooking to finishing nicely in a bowl.

You can get good tips from me as well as accurate recipes!

If you have Korean food you want, you can change it under consultation! It`s good to go to a restaurant and eat the

food of that country, but wouldn`t it be better to learn how to cook and make your own?

Also, enjoy a nice dinner with bulgogi with local side dishes for free!

Let`s make Korean food with our Korean cooking teacher!

Do you really want to experience Korea? If you want to make a day that you won`t forget, why don`t you make

Korean food with me?


# Trip plan

 10 minutes : Introduction tripmaker and introduction of Korean food

                       (We greet each other and have time to prepare, saying how the class will proceed, precautions before class) 


 10 minutes: ingredients grooming and cooking rice

                      (First, I will cook rice which is the basis of Korean food. And it`s time to trim the ingredients and give a brief overview of how to cook)



 40 minutes: Start bulgogi cooking

                       (You can choose between beef and pork to suit your taste. It takes time to cook food according to the teacher`s example and have a QnA time about Korean foods) 


 30 minutes: Enjoy your meal!

                       (Eat the finished food with the trip maker deliciously)



Introduction of guide

I’m Eunji operating Cooking Studio!
- Operate Cooking Studio
- Carry out a cultural class program at the department store

I`ve traveled a lot because I like traveling abroad. Every time, I have always eaten delicious local foods, but I always felt like something was lacking. At that time, I was invited to a local friend`s house and I made some food together and I felt like I knew the real country. When I came back to Korea after that, I always eat the food I made at that time. Why don`t you come to Korea and make memories with me that you can feel the real Korea and remember the time?

Providing items

Bulgogi food ingredients, rice and local side dishes, water, beverages and food equipment, apron, hair band

Other Preparation

Neat dress and hunger to eat deliciously before cooking class.

Meeting place

Exit no. 2 at Seomyun Station ( Busan subway line 1) The way to come meeting place - You can get to Seomun Station in 10 minutes by taking Line no.1 at Busan Station. If you come by bus without taking the subway, you can get to the appointment place in 20 minutes by bus without crossing the street at Busan station.


Children under the age of 2 are free. Only trippers over the age of 5 may participate.


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