• Transportation
  • We will take bus to entrance of Mt. Palgong. (It takes about an hour.)
  • Location
  • Daegu, Dong - gu
  • Time
  • 4hour
  • Personnel
  • Total 3 / 0people
  • Languages
  • English


Go out for air and look back at ourself

 # Substance

   1.  Meeting

       Greeting, introduce each other and take bus to Mt. Palgong entrance. (It takes about 1hour.)

   2.  Hiking

       It takes about 50minutes for hike. (Our hiking course compose many rocking road, you should prepare for hike.)

   3.  Bow

       Bowing 108times while making a wish, it makes it comes true. 

   4.  Rest

       We have break time after bow. We will eat something like Kimbap(Korean roll).

   5.  Descend a mountain

       You should be careful when descend mountain more than hike mountain.

       It takes about half an hour.

   6.  After - Party

       We have after party. Here are most Korean eat after menu but you can choose specific menu you want.

        * The Korean seafood pancake with rice wine. (The most popular menu)

        * Chicken with beer. (Ther are no oen about the weak.)

        * Braising Pork belly with rice wine.


 # Concept of trip

   These days most people do something to make themselves busy while they rest. It is the same with travelers. Also many travelers use maximum their time while travel. I don`t mean to blame those act, but it`s important to you do nothing and look back upon yourself.

   This trip will give relaxation and inner peace to all the people include traveler.

Introduction of guide

Many tourists come to Korea to sightseeing or shopping, but doing like that is only a superficial travel. Living in Korea for 24years, I think you should hike for travel Korea properly. You know Korea is composed with about 70% mountains, so you can see many koreans hike on weekend.
I recommend you to fall in to Korean’s daily life while climbing

Providing items

Water, Simple meal, Sunblock, Rainy clothes, Mosquitocide

Other Preparation

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

Meeting place

Our meeting place is infront of Daegu bank Yeongnam-Univ branch 1. Subway * Take off at Yeongnam University station, 2nd line. * Walk 3 minutes from Exit 4. 2. Bus * Take off at Yeongnam University bus station. ※ I will stand in red spot


If you concern to bow because of religious reason, you don`t have to bow.


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