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Korean Traditional Mother-of-Pearl Lacquerware Craft Experience


Hello, I'm Eunhwa Tripmaker. I'm going to introduce you to a traditional Korean craft called "Najeon Craft" featuring beautiful, bright colors of shellfish. I'm offering traditional craft classes for Koreans and foreigners at Yongsan Art Center in Seoul. You might think that it could be difficult because it's a traditional craft, but it's a one-day class to make it easy for anyone to learn.

Choose from a wide range of products, from rings to necklaces to hand mirrors, and design your own special accessories! It's good for you to use it yourself, and it's great to give it to your friend or lover. Now, let's go through into the charms of a self-crafting experience!!



 The whole process takes about 60 minutes. It is better to think about how to design in advance.



▶ Let's make a miniature plate with Korean traditional 'Najeon Craft'! It's a bit more sophisticated and requires a lot of design planning, but it will be more rewarding!

▶ You can take a beautiful interior accessory that will brighten up your room with bright pearl-colored!





Let's make beautiful Korean handicraft products yourself!

Najeon crafts to learn directly from craft experts! Let's make everything with your own hands from design planning!

Since this product is useful in real life, it can be useful after the experience.

It is very good to present to a friend or lover! Present this beautifully colored product to your loved ones!





▷ RING, NECKLACE ETC  →  Click here!


▷ HAND MIRROR  →  Click here!

Introduction of guide

Hello, I`m Tripmaker, who teaches Korean traditional mother-of-Pearl lacquerware craft with a thousand years of history. I`d like to share with you the beauty of colors made in nature.

I`m fascinated by the beautiful colors of the shellfish, and now very happy to teach you about this craft. I hope you will feel the real beauty of Korean traditional crafts through this experience, the experience to make a beautifully colored shape straight with my hands.

Providing items

We have all the equipment ready to make it beautiful and perfect

Other Preparation

If you think about the design in advance, it would be much easier!

Meeting place

Yongsan Crafts Hall 3F "Craft Learning Center" - About 250m from Exit 3 of Hangangjin Station (Line 6)


Please come on time. Classes only begin exactly at 2:00 and 4:00.


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