• Transportation
  • foot
  • Location
  • Seoul, Cheonho-dong
  • Time
  • 2hours 30min
  • Personnel
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  • Languages
  • English


Have you ever heard of Korean spring water?


"Trekking Acha mountain with mysterious springwater"



enlightenedWhat is the secret of the Korean people looking so young? 

The answer is springwater


mail I expect that many foreign travelers don`t know that 70% of Korea`s total land is covered by mountain areas. So, I`ll show you Korea as a Korean and you don`t need to worry about language. I know that many of the travelers are not familiar with English or from English speaking countries and I am not too. We don`t need to know much English, just come, see, eat and enjoy the real side of Korea!





▶ Meet at Gwang-naru station 1st Exit at 5 PM 





▶ Acha San(Mountain) Climbing (approximately 3 hours)

It`s an easy course. So, it`s okay for first-time beginners!

▶▶ Before starting the trekking course, we will fill and drink the springwater in the mountain entrance  

※This mysterious springwater is famous to keep one`s youth and also good for preventing many diseases!

▶▶ I`ll start handing out Gimbab when we start climbing 








Crossing the Han-Gang(River) Bridge - GwangJinGyo and Moving to Cheonho: approximately 40 minutes

I think GwangJinGyo is one of the most beautiful Han-Gang Bridge!

I took these pictures after trekking Acha Mountain : )






Eat PaJeon (=Korean Pancake)!

It`s a really good combination to eat pajeon after trekking!! That`s why many restaurants that sell pajeon near the mountains in Korea!




1. Food and drinks are not included in this trip.

2. This trip is at night! We will see the night view.



Introduction of guide

I used to run a guest house in Jeju Island and now I have a community of foreign students in university.

Providing items

Other Preparation

sneakers(comfortable shoe), bottle(to fill in the mineral water)

Meeting place

광나루역1번출구 Gwangnaru station 1st Exit


The trip price does not include food and drinks!


A total of 4 reviews. REIVEW
Another way to enjoy the night of Seoul! rnThanks to the guide who prepared the head lantern, the trip was very pleasant and safe. And the spring water I ate while trekking made this trip even more special!
I didn`t know the night view of Seoul would be so wonderful!rnWe had so much fun talking that I didn`t know the time was passing.rnIf you really want to enjoy Seoul, travel with Kwan Guide.
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