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Hundred kinds of Korean food at a hundred years of market


Try 100 Korean foods for 3 hours!


Gwangjang Market is a traditional market representing different kinds of Korean food. It provides a variety of things such as enjoyably eating and also sightseeing. Let`s look up our trip in detail :-)




 Gwangjang Market 

This market has a really long tradition and history in Seoul and Korea! The market, first established in 1905, today remains the oldest market in Korea. Also, it is a popular place for both Koreans and foreigners to see and sample some of the best Korean street foods.

yes This place is always crowded with people, and thanks to the people`s bright energy, the market always has bright energy as well!




enlightenedWHAT WE`RE GOING TO EATenlightened


1. beef tartare (raw beef) +  sliced the raw octopus

Both of the dishes above are raw and have a very fresh taste! Sliced raw octopus is a dish that can only be eaten in Korea. Eating live octopus right away will be an unforgettable memory for you.  



2. tteokbokki  +  spicy fish cake  +  fried food

Korea`s signature spicy food! Feel the fantastic combination of spicy sauce and chewy rice cake! If you dip the fried food into the spicy sauce, you`ll fall in love with this combination starting from that day.



3. bindaetteok  +  makgeolli

One of the most popular food in this market, Bengdae-tteok, is a very popular dish for Koreans! This food, which contains various vegetables and meat, is everyone`s favorite food, and you`ll soon get a piece! If you eat this with makgeolli, you will experience the best combination!



Let’s loosen up our belt buckles and eat! laugh

Let`s try some of the most popular foods in the Gwangjang Market, and if you have anything else you want to try or eat, please let us know! There will be more variety of food! We`re going to walk around a lot to eat, so a strong condition is essential!


Are you ready to see and move your mouth?

enlightenedPlease note that when you eat Bindaetteok, you will be served with Makgeolli, a traditional Korean rice wine. (If you don`t like to drink alcohol, please tell me in advance! We can provide you with another Korea traditional drink - non-alcohol)

Introduction of guide

Fun & Happy! With Pat&Mat, wherever you go, you`ll have fun. Photographs are the best for memories! We take pictures really well! 1, 2, 3! Kimchi!
Pat & Mat

Providing items

Delicious snacks and meals are served.

Other Preparation

Comfortable shoes and strong condition for having many foods : )

Meeting place

In front of Exit 7 of Jongno 5-ga


Please note that the tour includes beef tartar and live octopus!


A total of 4 reviews. REIVEW
Amazing experience with friendly guides! I recommend this trip to everyone who wants to try Korean food in a traditional atmosphere!
I think it is always interesting to see the country`s traditional market. It was even better to go on a tour with a local.

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