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Sing Out Loud, Your Favorite K-POP

Travelling, in my own definition, is one way of sharing culture, and culture is defined by each individual’s interest and hobby. Not only that, travelling can sometimes be a pure deviation from daily life, full of stress.

I have always wanted to share my passion and interest in singing with people who think the same. Through various channels and media, including Youtube, South Korea is now a place known for its significant tourism resource, K-POP.

The ones who are interested in singing, in K-POP ballads, soundtracks, Idol songs, or who are curious how one of Korea’s unique entertainment facilities, ‘Coin Norae Bang or Singing Booth’ (known as Karaoke) looks like, feel free to follow up!

In ‘Everything about Korean Singing Booth: Coin No-Rae-Bang’ program, you will get to know how to use one of the hottest entertainment facilities among various generation. The entertainment will take about 2 to 3 hours’, including lunchtime and ice-breaking, yet if the participant wish to do more singing, they are welcome to stay longer.

Introduction of guide

Hello everyone,
I will be a friendly guide who will introduce you to one of Korea’s unique entertainment facilities, called Coin No-Rae-Bang, directly translated as singing booth. Since I LOVE singing, I often go there to practice singing, and to enjoy. I’m hoping to see my ‘SINGING MATE’ who is interested in singing K-POP songs, and who can enjoy doing such activity.

Providing items

노래방 이용비, 간식

Other Preparation

Meeting place

By subway: Take line 4, and get off at Sookmyung Women's University Station. From Exit 10, turn left and go straight to the underpass. Cross the street at the crosswalk, then you will see a bakery called 'Tous les Jour'. On its right, there is a bus station. Take 'Yongsan 04' bus (Green bus) and get off at the next station, if you hate walking a steep sidewalk. I will meet you there!



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I`m a big fan of K-pop and I love the K-pop singers!! Especially, BTS is my love♥rnIt was a great time to sing my favorite song together.
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