• Transportation
  • walk/ subway
  • Location
  • Seoul, Yeouido, Gangnam
  • Time
  • 5hour
  • Personnel
  • Total 3 / 2people
  • Languages
  • English


Putting on K-culture & K-star life

Meet K-stars on the streets of Korea?!

Since the place we will be visiting is a favorite place for K-stars and a collection of entertainment agencies, if we`re lucky, we can meet with celebrities to take pictures or even get their autographs!



Hi everyone :) Let me introduce a special Day tour in Korea. This trip is the best day tour for you to experience "Real K-culture & K-star`s life" From now on, I`ll explain the trip more in detail!




  Meet each other in front of No.4 exit of National Assembly Station


  Move to VR theme park by foot (located in public broadcasting building "KBS")


  You`ll experience a Special VR through Fantastic collaboration media and IT technology! Virtual space where you can experience the most popular Korean dramas and entertainment  


  Move to experience K-beauty makeup shop by taxi


  If you come to Korea, why don`t you try the Korean style? 

  You can experience Korean makeup with the help of a professional.

  Experience Korean makeup and feel like a celebrity


  Move to K-star Road (located in Apgujungrodeo Station)


  Let`s feel everything about K-culture in K-star Road!

  SM, JYP and other famous singers` agencies are gathered here, and there are many shops where you can buy related goods


  Move to DownTowner(Handmade Burger) by foot


  DownTowner(Handmade Burger)

  This place is so famous for burgers that many people say this place has `the best burger`. If you`re lucky, you might get the chance to see celebrities who come by to buy burgers.






▶Korean Wave Content VR Experience Zone

Do you love "Descendants of the Sun" or "Moonlight Drawn by Clouds"? Become the main character in the drama through VR experience!
Feel the liveliness of the KBS broadcasting station, which has produced countless dramas and entertainment programs! When you visit, you can even see a lot of broadcasting writers, producers, managers and celebrities who came here to shoot! It will be a really good experience for you 






▶Korean style makeup and feel like the life of a K-star

Are you curious about what makeup celebrities get? Get a makeup from a professional makeup artist! Korean makeup received from Bae Hye-ryeong, a professional makeup artist who has done a lot of activities not only in Korea but also abroad! By experiencing the makeup that K-stars always receive before shooting, you can feel like a K-star!






▶Deep Dive into K-culture and K-star`s life

If you are a K-star fan who loves Korean dramas and songs, this is a must-see course! K-star Road is a place where the agencies of famous singers are gathered and also where the favorite shops of K-stars are gathered!
There is Art Toy, which represents the celebrity representing their agency, and it is also fun to watch one by one! If you`re lucky, you may encounter your favorite entertainer in front of the agency or at their favorite restaurant!







▶The restaurant that celebrities love, Downtowner           

This is the last course, and this is the famous handmade burger house! This place is always crowded with people. Because this place is so delicious, many people say that this is `the best burger` ever. It`s also a popular restaurant for celebrities, and if you`re lucky, you`ll also see celebrities who come by to buy burgers.





Detail Included

☞ Transportation fee (Subway& Taxi)

☞ The Cost of Dinner

☞ All Activity Costs on the tour (Including Entrance Tickets)


Detail Excluded

☞ Extra snack, beverage expenses or souvenir



I’m looking forward to seeing u guys : )

Plz check carefully and request a trip anytime. 


Introduction of guide

Although I am not a professional travel guide, I became a trip maker because I love traveling, leading people, communicating various nationalities friends. I want to make a pleasant memory with you guys. For a day, we`ll be able to team up and make a valuable trip.
Let`s enjoy Korean culture in person and have an unforgettable memory with me!
Sae Bom

Providing items

Personal mineral water, VR Experience free pass(experience all kind of VR), Transportation fee(subway and taxi), delicious dinner

Other Preparation

Comfortable shoes for walking, Camera (Cell phone) for taking pics, Extra expenses for souvenir

Meeting place

Exit no.4 of National Assembly Station. You can take bus, but I recommend a subway rather than the bus. Take Line 9 and get off at National Assembly Station (국회의사당역) and walk for about 2 minutes to exit 4. I'll be waiting in front of the Station Exit first. See you soon!


Please come in comfortable clothes and shoes.


A total of 5 reviews. REIVEW
Unfortunately the VR experience was cancelled, instead we went to the top floor of 63 building and had a nice view over the city. This was followed by a k-beauty make-over, we had fun with the make-up artist and she was a great host to her shop. After that we took a subway to Gangnam, there we had to rush a little to see the K-star road due to the time we had left. The tour finished with a delicious hamburger.
VR experience was an interesting experience for me.rnBecoming the main character in the drama, experiencing a scene in the drama was a memorable memory for me. If you want to feel real K-Wave in Korea, I recommend this trip 100%!!
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