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Korea traditional martial arts – Learning Taekwondo

Taekwondo in Korea! Learning the martial arts of that country will be more meaningful and memorable than the obvious activity. Korean traditional martial arts Taekwondo contains the spirit of Korea, so if you learn Taekwondo, you will naturally feel the spirit of Korea!! 

After learning the motions as a group, you also have time to review yourself by giving them time to do so. 

You can learn more accurately from QnA time.


# Trip plan

 About 15 minutes of self-introduction and stretching

 Explain the origin and principle of Taekwondo about 15 minutes

 About 40 minutes of taekwondo training & kick-start practice

 Individual Taekwondo Form correction about 20 minutes



Introduction of guide

Hi! I am Jun who majored in Taekwondo!
- major in Taekwondo, college, Taekwondo pilot team

I am Jun who is majoring in Taekwondo from middle school to university.
I am currently a member of the Taekwondo pilot team and I am teaching Taekwondo to my young friends.
I have liked to talk to foreign friends from long time ago, so I want to meet friends from various countries. I hope people who are not familiar with Korea will learn and feel Korean martial arts through Taekwondo. Let`s learn Korean Earl(sprit), Taekwondo with me!

Providing items

Taekwondo uniform pants (prepare white T-shirts separately), beverages,

Other Preparation

prepare white T-shirts separately, Convenient top (white) and spirit

Meeting place

Bangbae-dong Station


Only trippers over the age of 6 can participate. And please keep accessories such as rings and bracelets personally as they may be lost during class.


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