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  • Seoul, Sangam-dong
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Fall in love with Korea camping

Hi, I'm tripmaker KEEPCLIMBIGING_J! Before I introduce the trip, let me introduce myself briefly! As my guide-name says, I'm a trekking and camping traveler! At first, I went to all the places only in Seoul and alone, but now I go to many other places in Korea with a crew called "strangeseoul". Based on my experience of traveling, I started a camping trip like this! Why don't we all go together to feel and witness what KOREA CAMPING is?





▶ As you can see from the picture of me, I love trekking and camping. The "strangeseoul" crew goes everywhere in Seoul. This camping trip is based on my experience! If this camping is your first time, you can enjoy camping is 100 % for sure!

▶ I have many activities with my Korean friends and foreign friends. Just last week after a light trek with my foreign friends, I had a beer, and that feeling is really the best! As I interact with friends from various nationalities, I can proceed well on this trip! Trust me and let's go camping together!



▶ At first, I started trekking and camping as a hobby, but as I went to many different places, I have learned a lot of professional knowledge about camping. Starting from equipment to delicious food recipes!! What if you want to know everything from A to Z in camping? Come to me right now!




1) 18 : 00 PM

- Gather by 18 o'clock at the entrance of Nanji Campground. Let's all get together and enter the campground.


2) 19 : 30 PM

- Together, we rent a tent and campfire equipment, etc. inside the campsite, and set up a barbecue party.


3) 19 : 30 ~ 19 : 50 PM

- After the camping site and equipment have been set up, sit around the table and start introducing each person.
When you introduce yourself, it's okay to introduce yourself briefly on why you came here, and what you do in Korea.


4) 20 : 00 PM

- After your introduction, we start a barbecue party. 
While grilling, we will naturally talk about and share things in Korea.
In addition, I will introduce Korean style barbecue. 
Also, I will let you know the best samgyeopsal restaurants in Seoul.


5) 20 : 30 PM

- Finish dinner with doenjang-jjigae(Korean soybean paste stew) and rice. And also I will introduce Korean cuisine that anyone can make easily.


6) 20 : 50 ~ PM

- Finally, let me introduce the Korean style drinking culture. In particular, it offers a variety of tips on how to make Korean people's favorite mixed liquor "so-maek," as well as Korea's unique drinking etiquette. We also have time to talk about outdoor activities in Korea that foreigners might be curious about and share my plans to open various outdoor trips later on.




Enjoy Romantic Camping in the center of downtown Seoul!

Not only can you make a friendly Korean trip maker, but you can also make Korean friends as well as enjoy camping with various travelers from all over the world!

 A romantic day with camping in Seoul with Korean friends and also various foreign friends!




Introduction of guide

Hello, I`m Keepclimbing_j, a tripmaker who likes camping and backpacking, and I`m traveling around many places in Korea.
Also, I am active on Instagram and communicate with many Korean friends as well as foreign friends.

We enjoy outdoor activities in many beautiful mountains and nature in Korea.
Also, I have experience of volunteering Korean language education for foreign friends when I was in university.

In addition, there are many Korean friends who have the same hobbies, doing various outdoor activities.
Through Gpoon, you can enjoy many activities with me, learn Korean, make Korean friends, and so on.

Providing items

Enjoy the real Korean Barbecue : )

Other Preparation

Please wear warm clothes

Meeting place

The entrance of Nanji campground


Please make sure you check public transportation from Nanji Camping Site to your home.


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