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A hearty meal with hearty Korean friends


Let's grab dinner together : )

How about having a hearty meal with Korean friends on Saturday evening?

It might seem like a regular dinner, but the dinner this Saturday is something different. Koreans and foreigners gathering together for dinner and getting to know each other step by step!



What does a meal in Korea mean?

: In Korea, a meal is not just a meal. You can see that a ‘meal” is a must for Koreans who express their affection for others. For example, you can hear many Koreans saying “let’s have a meal sometime” or “don’t skip any meal”. As Koreans eat together, they build friendship and bond with each other. A meal has the meaning of “connection” that connects people in Korea. 


Would you like to join and connect with us through a warm meal?

Let’s have a lovely time by getting the chance to talk with each other and getting to eat Korean favorite dishes in their daily lives!




1) We will meet here in the evening

2) The only preparations you need is hunger. Koreans will prepare the food that they will introduce to you.

3) You can enjoy about three to four different kinds of delicious Korean dishes (However if you have something that you can't eat or have allergies, please tell us in advance!)


Everyone knows that eating together would make everyone feel better, right? Let's eat delicious food together in a warm place!


Shall we have dinner together?



Introduction of guide

Hi, I like to travel and meet new people, so I have made a lot of precious friends in many countries that I have traveled to.

When I came back to Korea, I could not forget about the special memories, so I planned a party to communicate like this! I invite you to this place where you can make every day a special moment!

Providing items

You can enjoy delicious dinner with Korean friends

Other Preparation

Ready to enjoy various Korean foods

Meeting place

The location is located about a 5-minute walk from the Hongdae Station Exit 6, so you can easily find it. I’ll contact you by message for more details.


If you have something that you can`t eat or have allergies, please tell us in advance!


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