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Ghost and soul _ Pottery experience.


Have you ever seen the movie Ghost?  

The famous scene in the masterpiece is the scene where the main male and female characters make pottery together. 

Reenact the famous scene in the movie yourself in Korea, where the long history of pottery is still breathing! 

From making and touching clay and making shapes to carving and painting on it, to holding the frame of a bowl through a spinning wheel. 

Do all of these in our workshop.

Here`s a 10-years-old potter who`s been working on a strange pottery experience. 

This trip, with a long history of crafting and guiding trip maker, Suhyun, will bring you to the charm of pottery by creating what shapes and techniques are needed and how much force control is required. 

Come to Korea and experience making unique pottery and get your own pottery.





# Trip plan


20 minutes: Introduction Tripmaker and origin of ceramics(Pottery)

                       -You can see the pottery displayed throughout the workshop. And it takes time to design the pottery that you want to make.


 40 minutes: Grasp the wheel frame + shape with clay

                        -It`s time to learn the basics of making pottery, such as what skills you need and how much power you need to give in shape.


 30 minutes: Inscriptions on clay pottery

                       -It`s time to pick and sculpt a phrase or picture that you want to carve on a pottery. Writing words in Korean will also be a unique experience!


 30 minutes: Bake in kilns + write a note to me after a month

                       -The process of baking a carefully crafted ceramic ware in the kiln is not completed in a short period of time, but after a month or so, it is finally created as a plate that we can see in our daily lives.


Introduction of guide

Hello, I am Lee Soo-hyun who operates a pottery shop!
- Career: Operate Lee Soo-hyun Do-ye Academy
Operate various pottery programs
Did you know that few people have ever actually made a dish or vase that they use? We can make and keep the only pottery in the world.
I have experienced pottery experience with many foreigners. Each time, foreign reaction was too hot. The foreigners were very curious and pleased to see the first touch and turn around the wheel. I`m sure you`ll be pleased with the exotic experience.
Make special memories in Korea at the Lee Soo-hyun pottery academy.

Providing items

Pottery materials(such as water, kilns, etc.), clay, and beverage, apron,

Other Preparation

comfortable clothes that soil can be worn on clothes.

Meeting place

Exit 1 of Suseongno Station (Line 3 of Daegu Subway Line) and take about 10 minutes to get to Lee Soo-hyun pottery academy. If you take a bus, you can get off near the academy and come on foot within five minutes. If you take the subway, you can get off at Suseong pond station and come out on foot within 10 minutes. I'll be waiting for you at the Academy. If you're not sure how to get academy, feel free to contact me. I can help you!


Only trippers over the age of 4 can participate. Because it is an experience to touch and make pottery, please note that your clothes may be contaminated with dirt. This is also important because knives can be sharp during the carving of pottery.


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