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Beautiful cafe and shop Tour in Hyehwa

Aren`t you curious about the cafes that locals go to?

Experience the real Seoul shown by a native of Seoul! Seoul has great charm to experience then only the results of Internet search! Travel with me to Hyehwa-dong, Seoul, to shop for cute little things. Also go to a cafe which has a good aroma of coffee, either known attractions, and hidden attractions!


Don`t you ever wonder where local people in the country often go on a trip, what coffee they drink, or where they watch football and drink beer at night? Here`s a trip that will solve the very interesting question. We`ll be waiting for you to spend a good day in Seoul playing with the locals.


I will go to a nice cafe and have time to chat with you over a cup of coffee. Also, I will go to a store that sells unique things. I personally recommend rather than a Korean souvenir that the Internet tells you. If we are shopping together, and have a good time together at Hyehwa-dong, we can recommend each other what is better on us!


#Trip Plan

12:00 ~13:30 : Pick from the list of restaurants that I`ve prepared focused on the taste of the travelers.

It`s lunchtime to Hyehwa-dong`s Restaurant!


13:30 ~14:30 : While walking on the streets beside cafes, we will choose one of them such as cartoon cafes that are only available in Korea, and cafes with animals.

It`s time to have a drink to get to know each other!


14:30~16:00 : We will visit shops that sell special items, and we will conduct our activities after having sufficient conversation with you








Introduction of guide

Although I have never worked as a tour guide professionally, I became a tripmaker because I love traveling and leading people. I want to introduce you to this place where I was born and grew in Hyehwa-dong. I am Sol, a tripmaker who wants to make a day for travelers to immerse in my daily life. For example, I`ll invite you to my ordinary and small daily lives such as a Tteokbokki restaurant where I used to go after my test, and a Makgeolli restaurant where I used to go with my friends sharing umbrellas when it rained. I sincerely hope that Hyehwa-dong becomes a place that will not forget to foreign tourists. The five words that introduce me are laughter, rice, responsibility, leading and chocolate. In addition, the meaning of "laughter" is to laugh at anyone, to approach first. And people I met remember me as a good laughter. I would like to approach the travelers with a smile and be remembered that it was a constant trip.
And the meaning of `rice` is the power of Koreans, especially among many foods! I really like rice, so I know a lot of good restaurants. I would like to introduce my `secret restaurant list` to tourists which are selected by my foreign friends. After my trip, you will remember my trip is full of laughter and Korean food is really delicious. I will give my ordinary daily life as a gift to foreign tourists. Thank you :)

Providing items

water, city map of Seoul, discount coupon of theater

Other Preparation

Comfortable shoes for a walk

Meeting place

Exit no.2 of Hyehwa dong - You can take a bus, but I recommend a subway that makes it easier to get here. Take Line 4 and get off at Hyehwa Station and walk for about 3 minutes to exit 2. If you want to come by bus, please let me know where you take before you leave! Then, I will kindly let you know the bus that can come to Hyehwa station. And I don't recommend taxis because there is a lot of traffic near Hyehwa-dong. When you arrive at Exit 2 of Hyehwa Station, 'Sol' a tripmaker with black hair and big round glasses are waiting for you!


It`s a trip with a lot of walking, so I recommend you wear comfortable shoes. And it is for free under two years.


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