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K-Beauty Make-up Class, Center of Beauty in Asia


Join the K-Beauty makeup class, the center of Asia Beauty. 

Aren`t you curious about the makeup of the idols, the beautiful Korean actor you`ve only seen in TV dramas and movies? 

Go beyond just copying, now get their own beautiful make-up in Korea. 

As a makeup instructor with 7 years of experience, I will not only do makeup for Hallyu celebrities, but also find your beauty. It introduces various Korean cosmetics famous for cosmetics and even recommends and demonstrates cosmetics that are suitable for the skin! Find your beauty in Korea! 

# Trip plan
∨ 10 minutes: Self-introduction and makeup top
10 minutes: Remove existing makeup and clean skin 
 60 minutes: Make-up started (can be done by the celebrity you want)
 15 minutes: Introduction and testing of cosmetics
 15 minutes: Simple hair grooming

 10 minutes: Photo-taking time




Introduction of guide

HI!~ I`m Anna that veteran makeup artist with 6 years of makeup experience.
- Career: Two-year college make-up major
K-beauty Academy Makeup Artist 4 years
I think makeup is definitely what makes beautiful celebrities shine even more. Korean celebrities` makeup has a distinct charm and character from other countries` makeup.
My makeup makes this characteristic of Korean make-up go well with the beauty of your face.
Since I was young, I like make-up so I give it to my friends and many customers want it when I grow up.
It is a great achievement for me to give Korean make-up to foreigners who are especially exotic.
If you are with her, you can see the most beautiful beauty in your life!
How about becoming an entertainer in your life?

Providing items

Pre-treatment, skin arrangement and water supply service, cosmetics and makeup tools, beverages and snacks, light hair grooming and hair styling.

Other Preparation

For a more complete makeup, I`d appreciate it if you could come to the shop with a simple base. It makes your makeup more beautiful!

Meeting place

Gangnam station - 2 exit You can take a bus or a subway to Exit 2 of Gangnam Station. You can find the shop at Exit 2 within 10 minutes of walking. If you're not sure how to get there, please feel free to contact me. We'll help you right away.


Before you come to the makeup shop, make sure to have a simple base to get your makeup done more smoothly.


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