Fell in Korea, Fly Suwon


Bus - about 30 minutes required for whole tour


etc, Su Won(수원)


5hours 30min

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Fell in Korea, Fly Suwon

I and my partner will lead tour!

1. Tour schedule

Meet up in Suwon station(수원역 집결) - 14:00 ~ 14:10

Move to Suwon Hwaseong fortress (수원 화성행궁 이동) - 14:10 ~ 14:30

Enjoy Korean market and food truck (시장 체험 및 푸드트럭 요기) - 14:30 ~ 15:30

Tour Hwaseong fortress and experience Korean archery (화성 행궁 관람 및 체험 (국궁)) - 15:30 ~ 17:00

Dinner at Suwon fried chicken street with beer(수원 통닭거리 치맥) - 17:20 ~ 18:30

Enjoy night scene of Suwon with Flying Suwon(Hot air ballon) (플라잉 수원 야경) - 18:50 ~ 19:20

Back to Suwon station (수원역 복귀) - 19:40


2. Details

Market tour has been attracting Korean tourist for a long long time! I will show you why market tour makes a big hit in Korea!

In Market place in Korea, we will enjoy street food and also food from Food truck. there is food truck zone that was on air about year ago.

Also we will tour Hwaseong fortress! night view of Hwaseong fortress will wonderful! Also Korean archery game is ready for you. this is quite different from archery you`d ever experienced!

Beer and fried chicken at night is unbearable combination. I will invite you to come Suwon fried chicken street. But you have to sure not to be drunken!

Last we will enjoy Flying Suwon that is hot air ballon. Don`t forget to bring your camera for beautiful night scene of Suwon.






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