• Transportation
  • Bus (20min) + On foot (20min)
  • Location
  • Busan, 노포동
  • Time
  • 6hour
  • Personnel
  • Total 10 / 0people
  • Languages
  • English


Living traditional Korean life in a day

Hello everybody, We will have fun today experiencing traditional life in Korean farm.

We are going to  farm house together from Nopo station at 9am 


We will take a local bus for 20 mins and we will walk for 20 min to reach my farm house.

This will be new experience for you out of city!



1) Taking a short Korean lesson to go grocery shopping in a trational market in Korean


2) Go to Traditional market with mission card which is written ingrdients you have to buy for Korean cuisines

Now you have to buy things in Korean only! (this is small mission)



3) Cook famouse three Korean cuisines in traditonal house in traditional way. 



4) After a meal, we will enjoy Korean tea ceremony.



Every trip is done! 

Now we will walk through country road again.

And we will go back to NOPO station.

Introduction of guide

I am a travel lover and a photographer. I really love to share Korean tradition life
My partner has guided teenagers for 15 years as a traveler teacher.
(check it out my cafe https://m.cafe.naver.com/travellerschool) also his father had run farm house near by Nopo.
He has deep knowledge in this area and love here doing farming.

Providing items

Short Korean lesson, food, tea, professionally taken photos

Other Preparation

convenient shoes(recommend)

Meeting place

Nopo station 1 exit.


This trip require walking


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