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The background of
starting gpoon business

While the number of foreigners traveling to Korea is increasing,
the level of satisfaction with tourist destinations and information
service is significantly lower. Foreign tourists want to experience
various local cultures with the locals.

To do that, we thought we need a platform that has various
activities and cultural with the local people.

So, we have developed a platform called 'gpoon' that can show
the real Korean culture, daily life, and talent to foreigners.

About gpoon

All Koreans can make money by providing services with their own tourism content. Foreign travellers will be able to travel with local people and travel in diverse and high quality.

This customised travel guide is a matching platform called 'gpoon' that makes your trip to an unforgettable trip.

Company service structure

Company History


  • 01.Indonesia Start-up Field Trip sponsored by the Korea Foundation


  • 12.2nd Tour Guide Content Contest (2nd beta service)
  • 11.Invitation to host Helsinki Slush KOTRA in 2018
  • 07.Hosted 1st Tour Guide Content Contest (Beta Service)
  • 06.Invite Indian “AICTE” Academy of Advanced Science and Technology
  • 03.Support by Korea Tourism Organization Venture Company

Travel with local,
Travel like local

Gpoon wants to be the beginning
of another journey that connects the world.

Travel to Daily life, gpoon