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Cancellation and Refund Policy Terms

This policy is gpoon's refund policy for tripper refunds. Unless otherwise defined in the Refund Policy, all terms follow the definitions set out in the gpoon Terms of Service. When a user makes a payment through the gpoon platform, the user has read, understood and agrees to the terms of this refund policy.

  • •Within 24 hours of trip payment: full refund
    You will receive a full refund within 24 hours of the trip payment. However, if payment is made within 48 hours of the start of the trip, the entire amount will not be eligible for refund, and the refund policy below will be followed.
  • •30 days before trip start: Full refund
  • •Start of trip 29 ~ 20 days before: 10% of payment amount Refund after commission (gpoon fee)
  • •Trip starts 19 ~ 7 days before: 20% of payment amount Refund after commission deduction (guide fee and gpoon fee)
  • •6 ~ 3 days before the start of the trip: 30% of the payment amount Refund after commission (guide fee and gpoon fee)
  • •Within 48 hours of trip start: no refund

In some situations described below, you can get a refund for the trip fee (trip fee except service fee). If there is a complaint, the trip maker or tripper must inform gpoon before the trip ends. In the event of a dispute, gpoon may intervene for arbitration, in which case gpoon will make a final decision. On the Payment Cancellation Confirmation screen, you must click the Cancel Payment button to formally cancel your payment. To go to the payment cancellation confirmation page, click My Page> Trip List> Change or cancel billing. If gpoon cancels a reservation due to a tripper refund policy, a situation in which it can take normal care, or any other reason allowed by the Terms of Service, the applicable policy may apply instead of the trip refund policy.

Refundable trip situation

Here is an example of a "trip situation" that can be refunded under the gpoon refund policy.

  • •If the Trip Maker does not fulfill the scheduled trip, or if the Tripper arrives for more than 20 minutes beyond the scheduled start time and the tripper fails to provide the trip, this does not apply to the opposite situation.
  • •Trip Maker has made significant changes to the trip content of the paid content.
  • •You have identified an act that is not in compliance with your obligation, such as unpleasantness, threats, assault, or misdemeanor.
  • •Trips contain safety or health problems that are considered to adversely affect the tripper's participation in trips on a reasonable basis.
  • •In case that the trip maker cannot safely service the tripper, due to the weather problems.

If you can get a full refund after you pay for the trip, follow the steps below.

  • •Cancel 30 days before start of trip
  • •A full refund will be given within 24 hours after trip payment. However, within 48 hours of the start time of the trip, the full amount will not be eligible for a refund.
  • •Cancellation to a situation where the normal case is possible: If you have to cancel the trip in case of unforeseen force majeure before or during the trip, we can refund or exempt you from the penalty. The following is a situation policy that allows for 'normal consideration'. When canceling a trip, check the list below to see if your situation is listed and if you can submit the required evidence.

Situation where evidence is needed

  • Death of trip maker or immediate family member. You must submit one of the following:
  • - Certificate of death
  • - Obituary
  • - News articles containing the names of the deceased
  • - Serious illness of trip maker, tripper or immediate family. All you need is a general statement from a doctor that the person with the disease cannot travel. The date of the referral must be after the settlement date.
  • - Fulfillment of national obligations, including jury duty, travel restrictions, court appearance, and military service obligations. You must submit a copy of the official notice issued after the settlement has been confirmed and bearing the name of the obligor.

Tripper cannot be safely serviced, or any planned amendment is not applicable. You must provide the following evidence.

  • - Proof of problem solving
  • - Time Estimate on problem solving
  • - Repair bill
  • - Photograph of the damage situation
  • - Airport and road closures that made it impossible to travel. Includes closure due to natural disasters such as earthquakes or massive storms. You must provide proof of road or airport closure and proof of flight cancellation.

Situations requiring special review

  • Serious safety warnings triggered by political or social unrest in the area where Tripper's residence or destination is located. Examples include the following:
  • - violence
  • - Serious damage to local infrastructure
  • - Change the visa or passport issuance requirement to make travel impossible. This does not apply if your travel documents expire or are lost.
  • - A natural disaster that causes the tripper to be unable to travel to its destination or to be unsafe to guide the tripper. For example: Massive storms, earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, tsunamis, wildfires, blizzards or winter storms, endemic diseases that suddenly spread to certain areas or people.


If you add, delete or modify the terms and conditions of the Terms of Use, you will be notified through the notice of gpoon site at least 7 days before the revision. If there is no announcement in advance, it will take effect seven days after the notice date (announcement date).

  • Announcement date: December 1, 2018
  • Effective date: December 1, 2018