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Do you want to have a different experience? That trip maker Anju will be with you. I am not good at English, I'll try to leave a meaningful memory on your trip. A-I want give amazing moments H-to have history about korea N-and notify korean culture J-and join us U-korean culture and to understand culture It's my name meaning let's go tour with me
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John Mark Matulac
Ahn Ju was a great guide. She speaks good English. She is very friendly and accommodating. She always ask us if we are ok and gives us options on what we would like to do next and how to go about. Explains the place as soon as we get there. Overall, a nice person to have around while on tour which makes the experience more enjoyable.
It was great that I could travel by bicycle with tripmaker Anju on this trip. rnShe was very energetic and knew perfectly about the Gyeongju. The best guide!