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Beautiful Alley Tour in Busan

How about take a tour of Busan`s beautiful alleys and villages with local guide?


Located eight minutes walk from Busan Station, Ibagu is a tourist destination that tourists can visit Busan without any pressure of map.

The hard part of climbing the stairs is that if you step up to the observatory and look at the village at once, all the fatigue disappers. You can see paintings of the wall, take pictures and even try on old school uniforms in Korea.

And if you go by bus for about 30 minutes, you will arrive at Gamcheon Cultural Village. It`s going to approach you with a different charm.

It is beautiful during the day, but at night, the warm lights from each house make the Gamcheon Cultural Village even more beautiful.






Introduction of guide

In Busan, my favorite places to introduce to my friends who live in other regions are Choryang Ibagu and Gamcheon Cultural Village. That`s because it`s the place I love. I`m the guide who will guide you through those places with happiness and give you all the fun things I know about Busan.
Why don`t you go to a small but charming alley tour with me?

Providing items

Free to try on old school uniforms in Korea ( in Ibagu)

Other Preparation

It`s a trip to the alleys and villages, so please bring some water to drink or a handkerchief.

Meeting place

Exit no.7 of Busan Station (line 1)


If you are worried about the steep stairs on this road, please feel free to come. With monorail, you can look down at Busan at a glance.


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