You wanna experience the life of Korean in crowd? Lets go Gwangjang!


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You wanna experience the life of Korean in crowd? Lets go Gwangjang!

Intro duce us

We are university students. We like to meet people from every country and play with them most.

And we interested in fashion.(Hyuck-e is a vintage fashion you-tuber) Our hobby is traveling, at the past, Young-e traveled to many countries in Southeast Asia and last year he visit a west U.S.

If you apply for our tour, we will guide you do our best and give you important tips on your trip to Korea that are not known as foreigners! Let`s make unforgettable memories in Korea together!

Hyucke`s Youtube url:

Young`s instagram:


Why choose us?

1. Only the locals know about the hidden restaurants!

2. Custom Tour Service

3. Only the locals know the tips.

4. A systematic schedule


Our trip Schedule

1. meeting pm2:00 & go to the Gwangjang market (subway or bus)

- Gwangjang Market is Korea`s first traditional market. And these days, it is a very popular place for teenagers and people in their 20s because they can buy vintage clothes for a very reasonable. This place, where traditional and modern trends coexist, is the best place to feel Korea in a short time.

2. Eating Korean traditional Street food (use more than 1 hour)

-It is no exaggeration to say that all the traditional street foods of Korea are gathered at the market. Starting with Bintae tteok, sundae, jokbal, kalguksu, and mandu are a feast of food.  Really worth seeing and taste.

3. Shopping vintage clothes (We`ll code you from head to toe. around 2hour)

-Some of the markets were destroyed during the Korean War, but were revived as refugees traded commodities and military supplies, the beginning of the Korean market for imported vintage.Since the curfew was lifted in 1983, Dongdaemun Market has become a fashion street centered on large shopping malls, while Gwangjang Market has been recognized as a popular place for comas such as hanbok and bedding. The Gwangjang Market`s import-vintage department has continued to gain popularity with its unique fashion items and has become a paradise for vintage fashion that has an old, worn-out look that cannot be tasted with off-the-shelf products. Once less popular, vintage has resurfaced in hip-hop programs and popular TV shows, and is once again attracting young people in their teens and twenties.

4. dinner- Choose1. raw beef & steam meat with mackgulli(korean traditional liquor)
                 Choose2. Un limited korean bbq with soju


selective tourism
1. Take a photo wearing the clothes I bought at the vintage shop.
2. Visiting Hongdae and Karaoke
3. Night view of Seoul-Namsan Tower
4. Cheonggyecheon Tour


When we meet?

Coordinate the meeting time after the appointment is confirmed.


Charges included

1. A local interpreter

2. Food

3. Clothes (top, pants, outer, hat etc...)

4. Information of famous restaurant and club etc..

5. Guide fee

Charges not included

1. Personal expenses (transportation, personal souvenirs, etc.)

2. Excluding food items and vintage market shopping, the cost of optional tourism

3. Overseas Traveller Insurance (Recommended is to join the program in advance.)

4. Can pick up airport if desired (additional cost)

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