• Transportation
  • It takes a bus from the bus terminal to Kyocheon village, and then walks in Kyochon
  • Location
  • etc, Gyeong-ju
  • Time
  • 3.30
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  • Languages
  • English


Do you want to know what is in Gyeongju? Click if you are curious

Have you ever heard of a place called Gyeongju?

Gyeongju is a place where there are many cultural heritages of the past.
Especially, there are a lot of various experiences you can enjoy when you go to Kyochon village.
What kind of town is Kyocheon? There are various experience elements in Hanok Village. You can experience pottery, quilting, hanbok, hanji craft, tea ceremony, etc. Not only that, but we can also play traditional games such as throwing tuhoes and rolling hoops when we were young in our country! Isn`t it really interesting? I think you can create a variety of interests by experiencing traditional Korean culture that you are not familiar with.

And I have experience, but you can also see the house of the richest man who made the village famous.

Who`s the richest man?

He became widely known as the person who practiced Korea`s Noblesse Oblige by helping his poor neighbors. That`s why Kyocheon Village became famous!
I would like to look around their houses and give them an interest in Korean traditional culture by experiencing it in person. These various experiences are your freedom, but as a guide, I hope you can experience tea ceremony!

Dado is the practice of building virtue by training the body and mind through tea picking and drinking. Don`t you think it`s a really exotic program just by listening to it?


Why don`t you join us in this exotic tour of Gyohchon Village?

1. 1 hour`s experience in the water KRW 20000
2. Knee bracelets and hair pins 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes KRW 10000
3. Lending Hanbok for 1 hour - KRW 10,000
4. Making gold crowns, making lanterns, making songpyeon 30 minutes of Korean paper crafts KRW 6,000  to 12,000 
5. 30 minutes to 1 hour tea experience KRW 5,000 to 15,000 
6. Glass workshop 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes to KRW 20,000



Experience element change according to traveler`s taste!! 

If you want to have two experience elements, you can only do two, or if you want to do three, you can only do three.
There is no limit to the number of times.

We meet 12:30 in bus terminal

12:30~12:50 Move to kyochon

1:00~1:30 Hanji Art (alternative form of gold crown, etc.) - KRW 10000

1:40~2:40 tea experience (replaceable water experience, duplicate hanbok) - KRW 15000~20000

  Making songpyeon (replaceable glass workshop, bracelet, hairpin making) - KRW 10000 Roll


Maybe you want dis track ((4:20-5:00 Roll, take a quick look around the village of the richest man))

(There`s a bread I thought I`d try once if you came to Gyeongju.
In Gyeongju, the shape of a smiling tile is very famous. There`s a bakery made of motifs, and I hope you`ll have a taste of the bread.
You don`t have to participate, but I recommend it.

Tell me if you want! The extra cost is expected to be 7,000 won)

Introduction of guide

Hello, I have never worked as a travel guide professionally, but I am Ahn Joo, a future travel guide who will take charge of your tourism by utilizing my future major.When you go to Korea, you find k-pop, shopping, etc. In addition, only big cities known to foreign tourists, such as Seoul and Busan, are interested. I want to let foreigners know that there are many elements of experience such as beautiful natural scenery and cultural heritage not only in big cities but also in small towns.
It`s not just about history, but I want to increase my ability to relate to and empathize with the elements of experience. I planned this trip because I thought it would be better to learn more about Korea`s old knowledge and build interest through an unfamiliar cultural experience that I had never heard before.That trip maker ahnju means
A-I want give amazing moments
H-to have history about korea
N-and notify korean culture
J-and join us
U-korean culture and to understand culture
If you are interested in visiting Gyeongju with me, please find me.We are always ready to raise the quality of your tour with an open mind.If you want to enjoy a different kind of tour than the existing one, please visit me.Then I`ll visit you on my trip.

Providing items

We give you Heaterpack(Hotpack)!!

Other Preparation

a rain umbrella

Meeting place

In front of Idia coffee shop at Gyeongju Bus Terminal Flag: Ahnju


Please understand me because I am not good at English. Please dress warmly.


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