Make a picture of your memories in Korea! Snapshot tour!




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Make a picture of your memories in Korea! Snapshot tour!

Make a picture of your memories in Korea! Snapshot tour!

After traveling to another country, I think the best way to remember the country is through photography.

This trip is a magic that will make you remember your trip to Korea forever.

My trip takes pictures of you traveling there, wandering around famous places in Busan.

Don`t worry, Additional I`ll give you an description of the destination.

I will take you to a must-visit place in Busan, explain about the place, and leave a picture of you traveling.

Also, I will eat the most delicious Korean BBQ in Korea!


I really want to make a memory of Korea with you on my trip~



[Trip Schedule]

1. Move to Gamcheon Culture Village from Busan Station (30 minutes by bus)


2. Gamcheon Culture Village (2 hours)

Gamcheon Culture Village is a picturesque attraction with colorful houses, murals, shops, and cafes.

Koreans as well as foreigners come here to take pictures.

Here we will take a picture with explanation about Gakcheon Culture Village.


3. Move from Gamcheon Culture Village to Gwangalli Beach. (A hour by bus)


4. Gwangalli Beach (1 hour)

Gwangalli Beach is the hottest beach in Busan.

If you take a photo against the backdrop of Gwangan Bridge in Gwangalli, your SNS profile will be this photo for a year from now.

We will also take a look at the beach and take pictures.



5. Korean BBQ Restaurant (1 hour)

Do you know what is your favorite food in Korea? 

It is samgyeopsal! Samgyeopsal is a Korean barbeque and is really delicious. 

I`ll take you where you can continue to eat this food in infinite refill.

I will talk about Korean culture while eating here.



This trip ends with delicious food.

The place of the trip will be over at Gwangalli Beach(near the Korean BBQ Restaurant), and if you want, we will go to Busan station together.


I will give you Photoshop photos taken with my camera within 3 days after the trip is over.

(Calibrated photos - 30 plus all original pictures)


If you want to make a good memory in Busan with the sea, please contact me~

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