Korean traditional alcohol [sool] trip in seoul


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Korean traditional alcohol [sool] trip in seoul

Hello everyone! We are team ATZ.

We would like to inform you all with our trip schedule! Trust me, it is going to be interesting.

Our trip is related to ‘Sool’, which is a Korean word meaning ‘alcohol’. During our tour, we will not only drink but see and actually make Korean traditional alcohols.

1. meeting in gangnam station

2. view and taste alcohols in gangnam traditional alcohols gallery, gangnam (1 HOUR)

3. make the ‘makgeolli` one of koreas traditional alcohols in Sugook Gongbang, gundae (2:30 HOUR)

4. enjoy the traditonal alcohols and foods in Sool song song, gundae

  1. Gangnam traditional alcohols gallery (approximately 1 hour)

So the tour will begin when everyone gathers in Gangnam Station. Then, we will head to our first destination, . As you can guess from the name, we will view thousand different kinds of traditional alcohols. Basically, it is like an exhibition. The curator will speak English. He or she will tell us the stories and historic backgrounds about Korean traditional alcohols. After listening to a curator’s explanation, we will actually taste some traditional alcohols. When we are done viewing the gallery, we will move on to the next destination.


  1. Sugook Gongbang (Approximately 2 hours)

In Gangnam station, we will take a train line number two. It will take about 30 minutes to the next destination, sugook gongbang, which is located at ‘Guui station’.

Sugook gongbang is a place where we can actually make traditional alcohols. We are going to make one of them called ‘makgeolli’. It’s Korean traditional raw rice wine. Don’t worry at all. We will teach you how to make them. We will make them together, and if you didn’t understand a certain part, we will explain it again and again until you get it :) After finish making ‘makgeolli’, you can actually take your own self-made makgeolli home! (It takes two days for fermentation so you can take them 2 days later) It will be such a memorable experience! So! Let’s move on to our last destination!

  1. Sool song song (Approximately 2 hours)    (OPTIONAL)

Our last destination of today’s trip is located in ‘Gundae station’. We will walk from ‘sugook gongbang’ to ‘gundae station’. It only takes about twenty minutes. We will view Korean streets while walking.

In gundae, we will head to ‘Sool song song’. It’s a Korean traditional alcohol bar restaurant. Here we can drink sixty different types of Korean alcohols! Not only that but we will also eat delicious Korean traditional foods that goes really well with the alcohols. We will drink, and chit-chat about everything! If you want to know better about Korean culture or about us, now is the time!

This is our trip schedules. It will be fun and delicious! Very delicious Korean foods and drinks are waiting for you! Thanks!

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