• Transportation
  • walk/ subway
  • Location
  • Seoul, Yeouido, Noryangjin
  • Time
  • 4
  • Personnel
  • 5/4
  • Languages
  • English


VR Experience and Street Food Tour Only in SEOUL

Aren`t you curious to know where local people often go,what kinds of things to enjoy their holiday,

or where they are going to see the night view?


Travel with me Noryangjin and Yeouido, Seoul, to taste street food, visit hidden delicious restaurant and see special night view. A restaurant that you can`t find even if you search Google, a variety of exotic attractions that are hard to find without local native. Now, introduce this trip that will experience all over that. We`ll be waiting for you to spend a nice day in Seoul!




14:00 : Meet each other in front of No. 3 exit of Noryangjin Station

14:00 - 14:40 : Eat the street food and Visit a hidden special restaurant selected by local

                      ex) Seafood fried noodle, Chicken kebabs, Ogane Pancake and so on



15:00 - 16:00 : Fantastic collaboration of media and IT technology. Experience Special VR Theme Park. 

                       Virtual space where you can experience the popular Korean dramas and entertainment.



16:30 - 17:30 : Try playing the screen baseball game with dividing team each other.

                         Enjoy this sports that we can`t enjoy outside in cold winter.



17:30 - 18:00 : Go to the famous Tarts Shop and trying to taste various pies together.

                      ex) Strawberry, Chocolate, Egg tarts(pies)



18:20 - 19:00 :  Highlight on this trip! Move to Yeouido Park, where you can see a great night view

                    from downtown Seoul. In addition, you can enjoy Han River Ramen and take pics

                    against the night view.


Introduction of guide

Although I am not a professional travel guide, I became a tripmaker because I love traveling, leading people, communicating various nationalities friends. We want to make a pleasant memory with you guys.
Let`s enjoy Korean culture in person and have a unforgettable memories with us!
뉴봄이 (Sae Bom)

Providing items

guide book of tour, personal hot pack

Other Preparation

Comfortable shoes for walking, Hunger for tasting food, Camera (Cell phone) for taking pics

Meeting place

Exit no.3 of Noryangjin Station. You can take bus, but I recommend a subway rather than the bus. Take Line 9 and get off at Noryangjin Station (노량진역) and walk for about 2 minutes to exit 3. I'll be waiting in front of the Station Exit first. See you soon!



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