Beautiful cafe and shop Tour in Hyehwa




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Beautiful cafe and shop Tour in Hyehwa

Aren`t you curious about the cafes that locals go to?

Experience the real Seoul shown by a native of Seoul! Seoul has great charm to experience then only the results of Internet search! Travel with me to Hyehwa-dong, Seoul, to shop for cute little things. Also go to a cafe which has a good aroma of coffee, either known attractions, and hidden attractions!


Don`t you ever wonder where local people in the country often go on a trip, what coffee they drink, or where they watch football and drink beer at night? Here`s a trip that will solve the very interesting question. We`ll be waiting for you to spend a good day in Seoul playing with the locals.


I will go to a nice cafe and have time to chat with you over a cup of coffee. Also, I will go to a store that sells unique things. I personally recommend rather than a Korean souvenir that the Internet tells you. If we are shopping together, and have a good time together at Hyehwa-dong, we can recommend each other what is better on us!


#Trip Plan

12:00 ~13:30 : Pick from the list of restaurants that I`ve prepared focused on the taste of the travelers.

It`s lunchtime to Hyehwa-dong`s Restaurant!


13:30 ~14:30 : While walking on the streets beside cafes, we will choose one of them such as cartoon cafes that are only available in Korea, and cafes with animals.

It`s time to have a drink to get to know each other!


14:30~16:00 : We will visit shops that sell special items, and we will conduct our activities after having sufficient conversation with you








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