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To all travelers, who want to do something fun, and who are enthusiastic about singing K-POP, join my 'Sing-Along Day' It's glad to meet you all, I'm Seung-ju Yu. (You can also call me by my nickname, Julie!) I love to communicate with people from different culture since I was young. Also, due to my passion towards singing, I have been looking forward to meet others who has got the same interest and talent in singing. For that, I came up with an idea through GPOON of having a special day together to sing what we want, especially K-POP! I will introduce you to one of Entertainment facilities that only exists in South Korea! Most of you might know it Karaoke, but in here, we call it, 'Coin No-Rae Bang', meaning 'a room for singing, paid by coins' If you are interested, feel free to join in
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